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Who we are

Evolve Safety

Evolve Safety is an independent Health & Safety Consultancy based in Perth. From this location we are centrally positioned to operate throughout Scotland.

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The business is set-up and managed by Alan MacFarlane, a Chartered Safety Practitioner with 20 years experience in senior safety roles within prominent Manufacturing Companies.

As a smaller Consultancy, we regard each Client as distinct and highly valued. Whilst one-off assignments are welcome, we prefer to avoid the "drop the report and run" scenario. Our preference is to foster a partnership with our Clients and gain an understanding of their needs. By working in this manner we are better placed to deliver the most appropriate solutions in a straightforward, professional and cost effective manner. In the longer-term our objective is always to ensure your business is able to understand and competently deal with the safety issues that arise on a day-to-day basis.

Safety always pays, please read on and learn a little more about how we can help.